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Scientists always suggest never to look directly at the sun it can damage our eyes seriously. This “How to view a solar eclipse safely” article will help you to understand the solar eclipse, what are the safety measure you should take before observing the sun and our top recommended product in this category which you should consider.




What is a solar eclipse? And when is next?


When the moon completely covers the sun and only the sun’s outer atmosphere, the corona becomes visible the phenomenon is called a total solar eclipse. Occurs after every 18 months, it gives a lifetime view of the sun that viewers can never forget. This time it can be viewed in the US on 21 August where we will be able to observe total solar eclipse (totality) for 2 minutes and 40 seconds.


Safety measures!!!


It is always advised to never look at the sun directly during an eclipse because it can damage our nerve cell of our eyes or even can cause permanent blindness. To view the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun always use a special purpose solar filters (solar glasses, solar viewers etc.). Here is the list of Do’s and Don’ts during an eclipse:-


  • Don’ts

-Use homemade filters.

-Use Ordinary sunglasses (even if they are expensive).

-Try to use pair of two or three sunglasses (that will still damage your eyes)

-Try to look through binocular or another optical instrument without proper solar filters.

-While using eclipse glasses or handheld solar viewer even then don’t look at the sun through binocular, telescope,                  camera (the rays will get concentrated and will enter into your eyes after damaging the solar filter).

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-Use plastic framed solar viewing glasses.


  • Do’s

-NASA always recommend ISO 12312-2 certified international standard solar-viewing glasses.

-Always use binoculars or other optical device having an in built solar filter.

-You can look directly at the sun with naked eye only when the sun is fully covered with the moon (totality) other than that when the sun is uneclipsed or partly eclipsed always use solar filters.


Our recommendation


To observe the sun and to enjoy the once in a lifetime view of the eclipse, we always suggest buying a binocular. Solar shades and solar glasses are also in the market but they fail to give the magnified view of the sun. Sun looks like a plain white disk in the sky through solar glasses whereas Binocular gives the magnified view of the sun and also we can clearly observe sun spots and solar flares with them.

One product that stands out from other binoculars in the category is:-


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As the name suggests these binoculars from Celestron are specially designed for the upcoming Great American total solar eclipse happening on 21 August. These binoculars have ISO 12312-2 certified solar filter glass that protects our eyes from harmful solar radiation, including both IR and UV light, and filters 99.999% of visible light while giving the generous field of view of the sky to easily locate the sun. Priced at 33$ EclipSmart is a nice pair of binoculars to have during an upcoming Solar eclipse.

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