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Best Telescope for Kids

Some kids are really fascinated with the sky. They always ask questions like, Dad how many stars are there in the sky? Or where does the sun goes at night time? Or Why we are not able to see the moon at daytime? and many more questions like that. This curiosity indicates that they like astronomy and to help them get motivated and get them to the next level buying a first telescope for him/her will be the best option.

How to choose the best kid’s telescope?

The telescope must be portable means it should not be too much heavy for your kids to move it from one place to another. It should be easy to use after all this is for kids they will not want to waste time in assembling or collimating the telescope before each outing, slowly they will loose interest. The telescope should be ready to use just taking out from the box.

The third point is the telescope must be durable means it should be able to withstand any pressure or damage (until and unless optics is safe). After all, it is intended to be used by a kid (and we all know how naughty kids are). And the last important point we should keep in mind before buying his/her first telescope is the budget. There is telescope starting from 50 $ to above 1000$. The higher you go the better quality of optics you get.

But, We suggest you not to invest too much in your kid’s first telescope because you don’t know how much time his interest gonna sustain in astronomy. Start with a budget less than 100$, then if you notice his interest towards astronomy is growing, he is eager to learn more and passionate about this. Then buy his next more advanced Telescope.

Aperture plays the most important role in deciding the right telescope for you.  Afterall, bigger aperture will result in more light gathering power which will eventually result in better image quality. The minimum aperture you must consider is 60mm, below 60mm the telescope is useless. Here is the list of top 8 best telescopes for kids & teens that are priced under 100$.

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Price: $74.65

Price: $69.99

Price: $109.99

Price: $74.65

Price: $64.95

Price: $43.16






Price: $84.88



kid's telescope cheap

Price: $48.95


1) Celestron Powerseeker 70AZ Telescope     

kid's telescope

Aperture: 70mm, Eyepiece 1:20mm, Eyepiece 2: 4mm, Barlow lens: 3X, Dimension: 10 x 13 x 38 in, Accessories included: Aluminum tripod, Weight: 12.35 pounds.

When you’re looking for a kid’s telescope, it is a good idea to always go for the one which is easy to set up. In addition to that, you have to look at the magnifying power of each and every telescope before making such a decision. Today, we have decided to zero in on a telescope for you which has excellent magnifying capabilities and is also pretty easy to use. We will not just go into the technical specifications of the telescope but also the features of the telescope to give you a better idea as to whether it is a good option for you or not.

With the help of 3X Barlow lens, you will be able to easily magnify up to 35x. As a result, you will be able to see faraway targets quite easily. This is one of the main unique selling points of this telescope. In addition to that, the setup is pretty easy. You do not need any extra tools for the setup.

Moreover, for the small tracking, there are slow motion controls which are provided. As a result, it becomes easier for you to track the object as per your requirement. The glass optical components are coated in such a way that there is complete brightness as well as clarity. Due to this clarity, it becomes easier for you to view any kind of object with complete ease.

With the 3X Barlow lens, you can be sure that the magnifying power will not be a problem. As a result, viewing in appropriate light is enhanced as well. Also, there is a separate accessory tray for keeping the accessories which you want. As a result, if you’re thinking of buying any additional accessories, you will be able to store it quite easily.

In order to help you with the detection, there is software which is included along with the telescope. It consists of 10,000 different objects. As a result, you will be able to use it as a guide for the observations which you make.

In addition to that, there is an aluminum tripod assembly which is included. This ensures that you are able to easily adjust the telescope as per your requirements without any issues at all. With the help of tripod assembly, you will be able to access it at any angle which you want. Since the tripod is included, you will not have to worry about buying a separate accessory. Thus, not only you get excellent magnifying capability but the accessory which you might need is already included with the telescope.

Thus, taking into account the tripod as well as the software which is included, this is surely one of the best kid’s telescopes which you can buy. Also, the Barlow lens is an added advantage which makes it easier for you to make any kind of observation which can be deciphered with the help of the software.

Quick Unboxing Video:-

Take a look at more features and the best price on Amazon !!!


2) BARSKA Starwatcher 400x70mm Kid’s Refractor Telescope.

Aperture: 70mm, Eyepiece1: 20mm, Eyepiece 2: 4mm, Focal Length: 400mm Barlow lens:3X, Dimension: 14.5 X 3.9 X 4 in, Weight: 4 pounds.

The BARSKA Starwatcher 400x70mm Refractor Telescope comes from the brand known as BARSKA that is reputed for producing high quality telescope devices. This is a telescope to train with and is designed for beginner astronomers. It is economical in price and can be the best telescope for any adult or kid who has just developed an interest in astronomical pursuits.

Ease of Use

You can use it very easily, without having any technical expertise or knowledge in using it. There are no risks of breakdown or wobbling of the apparatus when you are stargazing. However, it cannot be used in specific surfaces as the table-top tripod makes its usage limited. Thus, it is better to use it on a balcony instead of in an open field. The BARSKA Starwatcher 400x70mm Refractor Telescope can easily be transported due to the carrying case that is offered along with it. Thus, it can be taken along easily and used in the form of a travel telescope.


It has a more or less small-sized tripod. However, it is steady and also moves well enough – allowing you to track celestial bodies easily across the night sky. You have to place it on an extremely flat surface to get optimal stability. Its compact size makes it easy to be transported by users. If you like to watch the night sky while on the go, this device will help you.


The BARSKA Starwatcher 400x70mm Refractor Telescope does not need a lot of maintenance, as compared to many other telescopes that can be found on the market today. When you are not using it, you should keep it in a dry spot. Be careful that you do not break or bend anything while moving the telescope. When you wish to clean its lens, use a soft cloth to be able to do so. This will help you to clean the eye glasses very easily.

Package Contents

The package comprises of a carrying bag, software CD, 2 eyepieces – K20 & SR4, and a telescope tube. The telescope is offered with a limited lifetime warranty, which is applicable to everything other than the red dot. Users recommend it for its durability, features and cost.


It is one of the most powerful telescopes to be found in the price range of less than USD 100. This makes it more affordable than many of the video games that have been released of late. Its lower price tag does not mean that it is a toy. It offers quite a solid feel despite its plastic form, and boasts of 400 mm focal length and 300X power (Don’t get your hopes too much high with the number 300X don’t know how they get it , btw does a good job up to 120X).

It is true that the apparatus comes with some flaws, but these can be overlooked given its low cost and the realization that BARSKA tried to cut costs wherever possible in order to give a solid entry-level telescope at a competitive cost. The BARSKA Starwatcher 400x70mm Refractor Telescope is obviously a solid telescope in the entry level segment that ticks many of the boxes right.

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3) Orion 10012 SkyScanner 100mm TableTop Reflector Telescope.    (Our #1 recommendation)

Aperture: 100mm(3.93inch), Eyepiece 1: 10mm (20X), Eyepiece 2: 20mm (40X), Dimension: 9.5 X 9.5 X 14 in, Weight: 6.2 pounds

The Orion 10012 SkyScanner 100mm TableTop Reflector Telescope is a cost-effective entry-level telescope that has been made for people who have started with astronomy. It is a superior, lightweight and compact telescope that offers an easy way to kids to enjoy amazing views of the nocturnal sky. At the price it comes at, the Orion SkyScanner telescope offers amazing views of Saturn, moon and other objects of the deep sky.

Compact size

The telescope is small in size, and is only 2 feet in height and a little more than 6 pounds in weight. It is compact in shape and form, which makes it a perfect tabletop telescope. You can transport it easily in a backpack and store it anywhere with convenience. It is possible to fit it even in tight spaces. However, there is no tall tripod on which you can make the telescope stand for getting specific views. If you need a taller tripod, you have to separately buy one.

Ease of Use

It can be set up easily, and installed in only 10 minutes after being taken out of the box. For astronomers who have just begun and do not like to shoulder the hassles of heavy equipment or complex setups, this portable and lightweight telescope can be the best option. Due to the trouble-free viewing experience that it offers, it can be used even by pro stargazers.

Superior magnification and power

Despite being an entry level telescope, the Orion 10012 SkyScanner 100mm TableTop Reflector Telescope has a magnification and power that goes beyond its segment. The aperture of the device is 100mm, much larger as compared to other entry level telescope apertures. Given the compact size of the SkyScanner, the aperture is particularly large. It has dual eyepieces that offer magnification of 40X and 20X. With such eyepieces, customers can get the chance to relish the nocturnal sky and observe specific celestial objects with a lot of detail.

Detailed and clear images

Even when the telescope is used in regions with light pollution, it offers detailed and clear images of moon craters, Saturn and other celestial objects to be found on the night sky. The features of the telescope let customer enjoy views of the deep sky when it is used in an extremely dark space. However, users have to buy eyepiece filters or a Barlow or other similar extra accessory in order to get the type of experience in stargazing that they want.


This is a wonderful beginner telescope that is in the price range of USD 100. It is perfect for kids, families and beginner astronomers. The Orion 10012 SkyScanner 100mm TableTop Reflector Telescope is low in cost, which makes it a cost-effective investment for any individual who is still unaware of which aspects to consider before buying a reflector telescope. The light weight and small size makes the device highly portable. Anyone who has just started in astronomy – either as a student or due to hobby – can benefit from this telescope that goes beyond its segment to offer superior image quality, magnification and more.

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4) Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope

Aperture: 70mm, Eyepiece 1: 20mm, Eyepiece 2: 10mm, Dimension: 14x7x18in, Weight: 3.3 pounds.

Celestron travel scope is not only easy to use but has excellent specifications as well. As a result, if you’re looking to buy a telescope for your young  kid in order to take his hobby of astronomy further, this is the one which you should definitely think about using.

The heart of the telescope is the optical element of the telescope. This one comes along with a coated glass optical element. As a result, it can provide crisp and clear images. Moreover, with the help of altazimuth mounting, it is easy to move the telescope around in order to locate any kind of object. This ensures that detection is not a problem at all.

With the help of tripod which is provided, you will be able to get a stable platform. As a result, it will become much easier for you to observe any kind of phenomena quite easily. In addition to that, assembling the telescope on the tripod is a very easy task. Moreover, there is a proper guide provided for the assembly of the telescope. Thus, even if you’re using the telescope for the 1st time, there will be no problems at all. You do not require any kind of extra tools in order to set up the telescope. This is an added advantage.

You can choose between the 2 different eyepieces quite easily. The focal length of the 1st eyepiece is 20 MM and the focal length of the 2nd eyepiece is 10 mm. as a result, you can easily choose the eyepiece which is most convenient for you to exploration.

In case, you would like to move your telescope, it comes along with a carrying bag. The carrying bag will not only accommodate the telescope but also the tripod. This ensures that whenever you want to move around, you will be able to take the telescope along with you without any problems. Also, when you’re not using the telescope, there will not be any problems with storage.

In case, you’re new to astronomy, you can use the software which comes along with the telescope. With the help of this software, you will be able to identify 10,000 objects. Moreover, there are sky maps which are included in the software as well. You will be able to easily print the sky maps for future reference as well. In addition to that, there are 75 high-resolution images of prominent space bodies which help you in identifying them on a much easier basis.

Thus, when you’re looking for a telescope which is the complete package, you should definitely go with this one. It not only comes with 2 eyepieces but also comes along with the tripod and a carrying case which ensures that you are able to carry it around with you wherever you go. Moreover, with the help of the software which is included as a bonus, identifying the space bodies becomes much easier task which helps you in observing the space bodies quite easily.

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5) Meade Instruments Infinity 70mm AZ Refractor Telescope

teen's telescope

Aperture: 70mm, Eyepiece1: 26mm, Eyepiece2: 6mm, Focal Length: 700mm Barlow lens: 2X, Dimension: 57 x 43 x 33 in, Weight: 7 pounds.

The main advantage of this telescope is the aperture of 70mm. Moreover, with a focal length of 700mm, you can be sure that you will be able to see objects which are far with complete clarity as well. In addition to that, you will be able to track them precisely. With the help of the slow-motion control rod which is provided along with the telescope, you can track them precisely quite easily. In addition to that, when you look at the type of lens which is included, it has the 2X Barlow lens. As a result, you will have no problem at all when it comes to the magnifying power as well.

The telescope can be easily mounted on a stand. This ensures that viewing an object or trying to spot any object with the help of this telescope is pretty easy. When you look at the eyepieces which are included along with this telescope, they are 2 in number. Each of them is 1.25 inch. As a result, you will be able to select the eyepiece exactly as per your requirement without any issues at all.

One of the best features of this telescope is that it is entirely portable and lightweight. As a result, you will be able to carry it around with you wherever you go. In addition to that, whenever you’re planning on using accessories, there is an accessory tray to store them quite easily. This ensures that the accessories will not be damaged as well.

In case, you’re new with a telescope, this one comes with the astronomical software as well as a DVD to instruct you. Thus, whether it comes to using the telescope or whether it comes to setting it up, you will be able to get all the instructions right away. As a result, you will have no problem at all in using this telescope.

If you’re looking for a telescope which you can easily use from the comfort of your home, this one should be the telescope which you buy. Moreover, with decent magnification power, you will be able to easily observe the phenomena for which you have bought the telescope. This will also ensure that you are able to use it as per the prescribed guidelines as an instructional DVD is provided along with it. With the help of this instructional DVD, you will be able to set it up and use it perfectly.


Take a look at more features and the best price on Amazon !!!


6) Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. kid’s

Talking Telescope

best telesope for kids below 6 yearsBest suitable for: Kids below 6yrs

One of the best ways to spark the interest of your kids in astronomy is to provide them with telescope. With the help of the telescope, you will be able to actually let them experience on their own how it feels like to observe something. As a result, they will be able to explore their interests without you having to pressurize them about the field.

The telescope which we will be speaking about next is the perfect option for such use. The Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Telescope is one of the best telescope for children below 6 years. This ensures that it is perfect for sparking the curiosity of your child.

Product specifications:

  • Number of slides: 20
  • Nature of telescope: detachable
  • Batteries required: 4 AA batteries

If you want to teach your kids about space, there is no better alternative than this particular telescope. It consists of 20 different slides which can be observed by the kids through the telescope. Out of these, 8 are related to space. Some of these slides even include images from NASA. The images are of high quality which ensures that when the children are observing them, they are actually intrigued by them rather than just observing the images and moving onto the next one.

When your kid is observing these slides, they can also listen to 200 different facts which just adds to the advantage. Moreover, your kid can choose between the facts or the quiz button. This ensures that they are able to test their knowledge as well rather than just listening to the facts. With the help of the facts, they will be able to know new things about space quite easily. In addition to that, quiz ensures that there is a bit of interactive gameplay while using the telescope. Thus, the telescope is not always limited to observation but the kids can actually interact with the help of the quiz.

The unique point about this telescope set is that the telescope can be easily removed. As a result, children can actually use it to observe real-life phenomena rather than just observing the slides. The  4x telescope is one of the best options in order to observe the vicinity. Also, it comes along with a helpful guide which ensures that the children are able to use it pretty accurately.

When you’re looking for an educational toy for your kid, this is the perfect option for you. It will certainly spark the interest of your kids when it comes to space. This is one of the main reasons why you should think about choosing this telescope for your kids. The entire telescope has been designed in such a way that it promotes STEM learning in your child.

Thus, if you’re looking for an educational toy which will actually spark the attention of your child, this one is the best option for you. For children below 6 years, it is one of the best telescopic toys which you can get your hands on. Instead of buying attention seeking toy, it is a much better idea to buy this educational toy for your child which will prove very beneficial for your child in the longer term. With the help of this telescope, you will be able to provide a learning tool to your child.

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7) Orion GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope

Aperture:70mm, Eyepiece1: 25mm (16x), Eyepiece2: 10mm (40x), Focal length : 400mm, Weight: 3.5 pounds

The Orion 10034 GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope is a cheap but highly powerful telescope that is designed to make the journey easier and better for kids who love stargazing in a clear night sky or even during the daytime.


The telescope is light in size, and can easily be set up and transported. It has an aluminum tripod. The device can be packed easily into a small backpack than can let a laptop fit inside. The unit can be set up at any time you feel, usually within 10 minutes. At only 3.5 pounds, it is easy to carry, set up and use.


The unit happens to be very economical. You can get a solid telescope at less than USD 100. It can be used at home. You may also make it a part of your travel bag, given its compact size and economical cost. Despite its affordable cost, it boasts of wonderful optics. It can be used to observe the moon as well as the whole solar system and even beyond. When the conditions are right, you can view a few of the brighter objects of the deep space.

Ease of maintenance

You do not have to take extra care to maintain this apparatus. It can be enough to use the basic tips for maintenance, such as wiping the lens with a soft cloth piece. Store the apparatus in a dry area, where there is no risk of it being stepped on or crushed. Keep it in a backpack before you plan to take it along for transportation. A backpack will ensure that there will be no worries of storing or transporting this device. The apparatus has an enclosed glass surface, which further reduces the need for maintenance.


This telescope is offered along with the Orion Moon Map 260, which costs around 13 USD when purchased separately. The Orion 10034 GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope is among the handful of telescopes from the stable of Orion that comes with the Map 260 as an extra accessory. If you want to make your stargazing sessions more enjoyable, buy accessories like Orion 08711 Shorty 1.25-Inch 2x Barlow Lens and Orion 05662 1.25-Inch 13 Percent Transmission Moon Filter.

Sharp viewing

The telescope comes with a 70mm achromatic lens system, which together with its 400mm focal length, makes it easier to view objects in the distance in vivid detail.. A 5×24 finder scope is also shipped with the apparatus to make aiming easier and effortless.

Its excellent focal length makes the Orion 10034 GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope perfect for watching birds during the daytime and also viewing celestial objects during the night as well as viewing wildlife and natural sceneries. It has a rugged style of refractor, which prevents any misalignment issues for this telescope when compared to other reflectors that can be found on the market. It is shipped along with the most important accessories to offer support to various types of distant viewing applications.


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8) Celestron 21024 FirstScope Child’s Telescope

Aperture: 76mm, Eyepiece1: 20mm, Eyepiece2: 4mm

The Celestron 21024 FirstScope Telescope comes with enough power and can hold up easily to let you handle basic and medium range stargazing of the celestial objects in the outer space. It comes with a solid support base and it happens to be one of the more affordably priced telescopes for kids to be found at present.


A glance at this instrument is enough to tell you that a decent amount of thought and hard work went into designing and building it. This portable reflector telescope comes in a single style and is basic black and white color along with black and silver bolts. It is bolted to a solid base, which makes it secure on most types of surfaces.


It is small and compact in size, which makes it ideal for beginners in astronomical pursuits. It can easily be used and transported. Despite its small size, the apparatus holds up really well and packs quite a punch! As it has a compact size, this apparatus is able to fit within most bags. It is recommended that you use a carrying case to prevent damages to the telescope.


It is made of strong materials that can last for long, and can hold up really well when transported and used on fields. The Celestron 21024 FirstScope Telescope is affixed to the base already, which means there are no risks of losing the base – which is an important component. The base happens to be the heaviest section, which makes this a solid item to use.

Ease of use

The telescope comes with a reflector optical tube having an aperture of 76 mm. Although you cannot see everything in proper detail, it is possible to get value out of your investment. You can smoothly move the tube without pulling on it a lot. Even when you try the movement for a long time, you can find it secure in its position without becoming loose. The telescope is bolted well to the base. One of the best things about this apparatus is undoubtedly the fact that it does not need any assembly. You can use it straight out of the box, as it does not need any installation.

Optical Features

It can offer an optimal magnification of x120. The magnification can be increased further when you use an x2.5 Barlow lens. The focus and optical clarity stars to reduce at higher levels of magnification. You can get sufficient power with both eyepieces, which lets you view star clusters and larger celestial bodies.


The Celestron 21024 FirstScope Telescope is offered with a number of accessories, such as a compatible finder scope that makes it easier for you to track and spot celestial objects in the night sky. The dual eyepieces included in the package have lower optical potential. There are 15mm and 9mm lenses, which are highly functional with this apparatus. It is also offered with a Stargazing or Astronomical Guide that offers worthwhile information to readers about the equipment, star charts, astronomical terminology and other helpful tips.


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This concludes our “Best telescope for kids” list.  Buy any of the above Telescope and spend some time with your kids in setting up the device and learning about the sky, he/she will surely love it. All the Telescopes mentioned above are consistently getting very high ratings from its customers on Amazon and are best in their price. Now its upto you to decide which one these telescope fits your budget and your kid’s age. All in all, we just tried to give an honest review for all of them to help you with your buying decision.



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