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The telescope is a combination of two words “Tele” which means at a distance and “Scope” which means an instrument for observing, viewing or examining. So in simple terms, we can say it is a device or an instrument which helps in viewing distant objects which otherwise is impossible to look with our naked eyes.

In a night when we look at the sky, we see millions of stars, moon which in result increases our curiosity to know more about all the stars, moon, sun. Our mind also wants to know, How big is our universe? How many galaxies are there? Is there any planet like earth in the universe? So lots n lots of question comes to our mind whose answers we can’t find with our naked eyes because it has some limitations. The Same type of questions came to our ancestors also and to find the answers Telescope was invented.

As the history suggest the first telescope was invented by German-Dutch lensmaker Hans Lippershey in the year 1608.

That was the first telescope which worked on very basic principle in which Hans Lippershey just put the tube between the two lenses. There is a funny story that device was so simple that when in 1608 Hans applied for the patent in front of the Belgian government they rejected it by saying it is so simple device that anyone can make it but good news was  he was rewarded handsomely by dutch government for his design(that’s a relief). The telescope invented by Hans Lippershey had a magnification power of just 3x.

After few days in the next year 1609 great inventor, Galileo Galilei succeeded in making a better telescope than Hans Lippershey and got the patent successfully. It was also called  Galileo telescope with the magnification power of 20x. His telescope was more modern and more capable of magnifying the distant objects.

Here’s the picture of a replica of Galileo telescope →.

Thus Galileo may claim to have invented the telescope independently, although Lippershey was the original inventor but Galileo’s immense improvement of the instrument overshadowed credit which was due for Lippershey.

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