How to choose a good telescope, 5 Easy Steps!

How to choose a good telescope

When we are new to the field of astronomy first thing which comes to our mind is to buy a telescope, then after researching over the internet, nearest shops, from friends we encounter a lot of confusing terms like aperture, focal length, magnification, reflector, refractor etc. We get really demotivated with these terms and starts … Read more

How to collimate a telescope?

collimate a telescope

Collimation is a process through which we align the optics of our telescope to get the best focus through our eyepiece. In simple word, we can say it’s a process to align the mirrors of our reflector. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert to collimate your telescope by yourself. If you understand … Read more

How to choose a good Binocular, 5 Easy Steps!

choose a good Binocular

Friends, you must be thinking this website “” is about telescopes then why is there a post related to Binocular? Because Binoculars are also Telescope, in simple terms binoculars are a pair of telescopes mounted side by side on a metal frame which uses a curved lens to bring the object closer to eyes and … Read more

DIY: Building a Dobsonian Telescope At Home 2020

Building a Dobsonian Telescope

Dobsonian Telescopes are the simplest types of telescopes. They are easy to use, are strong and robust and inexpensive. They are popular with astronomers of all levels of experience and training, from beginners and amateur hobbyists to professionals and experienced scientists. Dobsonian telescopes get their name from their creator, John Dobson, who combined the simplicity … Read more

Astronomy Gifts for Kids of 2020

Astronomy Gifts for Kids

Sometimes buying a gift for someone can be a bit confusing, and if the gift is for kid it becomes more difficult because for kids we want the gift to be durable, easy to use as well as educational and fun. The gifts listed below are some of the perfect gifts you can give to … Read more

Best Telescope for The Money 2020


Choosing the best telescope today can be a difficult task to achieve. With the amount of choice available today it can get tricky sometimes what to choose and what not to. Don’t worry, our team has picked “12 Best Telescopes for the Money” based on their popularity, their high-end features and then divided each of them in the different … Read more

How To Easily Set Up an Equatorial Mount

Set Up an Equatorial Mount

A telescope mount is very important – it works as a motorized tripod. The main purpose of a telescope mount is to allow you to direct the optical tube at the object and take a good picture of it. You can track the motion of the object – whether it is the moon or a … Read more