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Orion 27191 StarBlast 6i reflector is a perfect telescope for intermediate level users who know the basic mechanics of a telescope, knows how to use a telescope, what to look for in the sky at the time of observation, familiar with the terms like aperture, magnification etc. A very good telescope for those who want to go to next level from beginners to intermediate without investing too much money.

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Optical design: Reflector

Aperture: 6 in (150mm)

Focal length: 750mm

Focal ratio: f/5.0

Eyepieces: Sirius Plossl 25.0mm, 10.0mm (1.25″)

Magnification: 30x, 75x

Finder scope: EZ Finder II

Focuser: 1.25″ Rack-and-pinion

Mount type: Altazimuth

Computerized compatibility: Intelliscope included

Power requirement: 9-volt battery

Length of optical tube: 28.0 in.

Weight, fully assembled: 23.5 lbs.

Price: 499$ approx. (check current price)

Our Rating: 4/5 Star.


Orion 27191 StarBlast is a 6-inch Reflector Telescope with a diffraction-limited parabolic mirror and has an Aluminum & silicon dioxide coating to produce a clearer image of the deep sky objects that are otherwise not possible to look at with our naked eyes. StarBlast 27191 has a focal length of 750mm and focal ratio of f/5.0 that produces a brighter and sharp view of deep sky objects.

StarBlast 6i Reflector comes with two high-quality Plossl eyepiece of 25mm and 10mm that gives a magnification of 30x and 75x respectively. Low power 25mm give a wide field of view whereas high power 10mm give the closer look of the object at 75X power.

Push-to Telescope

Orion calls StarBlast 6i intelligent scope because of its computerized object locator and push to navigation system. First, align the telescope by manually pointing to 2 stars shown on remote (don’t worry if you do not know the names or position of those stars take a help of star chart) after its properly aligned rest of the process is simple.

Just put the name of Nebula, Cluster, Galaxy or something else you want to locate. Remote will tell you the exact position of that object in the sky, after that push the telescope (your hands are the motor here) to move it to that position. Once the telescope is perfectly positioned computerized object locator (remote) will notify you.

Orion StarBlast 6i also has preloaded 12-tours just put the month you are in and it will tell you what to look for in the sky at that time.

You can turn the tables on the computer too – just locate anything in the sky and push a key, with the help of 14000 object database the remote will tell you what you’re looking at.

So simple and better than GoTo type telescope (my opinion). Sometimes GoTo telescope’s automatic tracking feature take the fun out of the learning whereas Push-to feature helps to learn the night sky by manually moving and locating the stars.


The 6” large aperture and powerful optics provide some great, bright views of the planets and moon (must use a moon filter) as well as deep-sky objects.

The absence of motorized tracking saves lots of power that’s why the inbuilt 9V battery can last for months.

StarBlast has a compact design and weighs about 11kg when fully assembled, pretty light for a Dobsonian. It can easily fit into the front seat of any car.

Orion is providing a one-year warranty on this telescope from the date of purchase. You can always call Orion support if there is some problem.



This telescope is difficult to assemble for a novice user. But don’t worry, I have provided a official video from Orion below that will help you on that.

Being a small Dobsonian you will need a table or something stable to put it on.





Final words on StarBlast 6i IntelliScope.

It already got featured in the prestigious Astronomy magazine for two times in a row as the best reflector telescope of the year in its price range. What more can be said about Orion StarBlast 6i Intelliscope!!! Overall a high quality and reliable telescope that continues to impress beginners as well as expert users.


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