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The Nexstar 127SLT telescope from Celestron is a perfect telescope for beginners and intermediate users to ease them into the world of astronomy. Characterized by simple design, no tool setup and Celestron’s propriety Sky align technology this telescope gives users a great planetary and lunar view without any inconvenience.


Optical Design: Maksutov-Cassegrain

Aperture: 127 mm

Focal Length: 1500mm

Focal Ratio: f/11.8

Eyepiece Barrel Diameter: 1.25″

Diagonal: 90° star

Finderscope: StarPointer red-dot

Mount Type: Alt-azimuth

Go-To Capability: Yes

Tripod: Stainless steel

Power Source: 8 x AA batteries

Weight: 18.0 lb / 8.2 kg

NexStar 127SLT is a Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope which instead of expensive flat Schmidt corrector (found in Schmidt-Cassegrain) uses a meniscus corrector lens. This design corrects the common problem found in reflectors such as coma, chromatic aberration and also allows the telescope to be cheap compared to same SCT design telescope. Besides its highly unique design, Nexstar 127SLT features a 5-inch aperture and a f-ratio of f/11.8 that gives users the ability to see the detailed view of the moon, planets, distant galaxies, nebulas, and variable stars.

Setup and use.

NexStar SLT comes in two part preassembled adjustable tripod with a single fork mount and an optical tube. You just have to assemble both parts and attach a red dot Star Pointer to it.  It is designed in a way that even a novice user can set up the telescope in a matter of minutes without any extra tool. Using the telescope is even easier than assembling the telescope, thanks to its computerized GoTo controller and Celestron unique SkyAlign technology. User has to input the date, time and current GPS location into the handheld controller and aim the telescope to any three bright stars in the sky. Once everything is perfectly done, SkyAlign technology will automatically align the telescope. After that, with the help of over 4000 object database of planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies etc. installed into NexStar computer controller, user can quickly and automatically view any desired objects with just a push of a button.

What are the other things included in the box?

In addition to Stainless steel tripod and fully coated optical tube, NexStar 127SLT comes with a variety of other useful accessories to further enhance your viewing experience. The device comes equipped with one 25mm eyepiece and another 9mm eyepiece. The eyepieces, when combined with the scope’s focal length (1500mm), gives the magnification of 60x and 167x respectively. The package also includes StarPointer red dot finderscope that helps with alignment and accurately locating objects. 1.25″ Star Diagonal, CD-ROM “The Sky X” Astronomy Software, Accessory tray is also there in the package.

What can we see with this Telescope?

In a perfect weather condition and clear night sky user can easily see details of the moon surface, polar caps on Mars, Jupiter and its four moons, Saturn with its rings and much more with the included eyepiece. Limiting stellar magnitude of the telescope is 13 (higher the number better) which is quite higher as compared to other 5” telescope. It indicates, the telescope can easily locate fainter deep sky objects which otherwise is impossible to see with naked eyes.

That said, here is one satisfied owner take on this scope,

“Great telescope for the price. My first outing I quickly had it homed in on Venus, the moon, and Jupiter. I could see the color bands of Jupiter as well as all four moons. Pretty cool.”


We have also attached the images of Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn taken from Nexstar 127SLT telescope below,


Easy to set up.

Easy to Align.

Weighing about 18lb, the device is light enough to easily take out in the yard whenever you want.

Easy to use- Thanks to over 4000 object database and handheld controller, you can view anything you want with just a push of a button.

Two-year warranty



Tripod isn’t stable- Most common complaint we found with the telescope is that it produces a lot of vibration. To counter this problem, we kept a 10lbs sandbag on the accessory tray. Frankly speaking, it is doing a better job than we expected.


Recommended accessory.

Before Buying these accessories we would recommend to take the scope out a few times, see if you really need to get these things. Accessories can be added as you go along.

 Power Tank- Batteries supplied with NexStar 127SLT get drained in a matter of an hour. Our recommendation would be to buy a Power tank or an AC adapter (if you want to run it on AC).

Additional Eyepieces- Thanks to the highest useful Magnification 250X (Five times the aperture) and the focal length is 1500mm user can try a variety of eyepieces to get a different magnification (Telescope focal length/ Eyepiece focal length=Magnification).

We recommend getting a Celestron eyepiece kit, the kit includes up to five different eyepieces, a Barlow lens, and up to seven different filters.

RS 232 PC Interface Cable- For connecting your telescope to computer.


Final words

This concludes our NexStar 127SLT GoTo telescope review, overall we believe it’s a good computerized telescope designed for beginners who wish to enjoy stargazing but have a limited budget. It is also suitable for someone who doesn’t want to waste half an hour each time setting up the telescope. All in all, an easy to use good telescope for anyone who is looking for his first computerized telescope.  


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Wayne · February 27, 2018 at 9:27 pm

I concur with the “JUNK” tripod. takes about 7-12 seconds for the view to stop the jiggles, after touching the Focuser, or stopping the Scope. I have tried many things, including sandbags, weights, etc. Celestron could upgrade the Tripod a little.
Optics are ok…..

    Vishal · March 4, 2018 at 7:16 am

    In my opinion, For this price it is still an excellent Telescope with great optics. You can upgrade the tripod any time when you have money!!! Till then, try this Vibration dampening pads
    It will help to reduce the jiggle time.

Daniel · March 4, 2018 at 7:31 am

After using this for last one year, I completely agree that this is the best telescope that you can purchase under 500 dollars.

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