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Nexstar 5se  from the brand name Celestron got the telescope of the year 2013 award and also one of the Bestsellers under the price range of 600$ on Amazon. This telescope is fully computerized and had a motor drive, multi-coated optics and many more things which we will discuss later, overall it’s a very nice upgrade to the legendary classic Celestron c5 (1982) model which was known for its quality, durability, and portability. In this review section, we will talk about the Celestron Nexstar 5SE Specification, pros, and cons of this telescope and at the end some recommended accessories to use with it.

Let’s get started:-

Specifications with Pros


Optical design: Schmidt-Cassegrain

Aperture: 125mm (5”)

Focal length: 1250mm

Focal ratio: 10 (f/10)

Eyepiece: 25mm

Magnification: 50x

Mount: Single Fork Arm Altazimuth

Optical tube length: 280mm(11”)

Telescope Weight: 17.6lb (7.98kg)

Tripod and mount weight: 10lb (4.54kg)

Price: 699$(approx. with shipping)

My rating: 9/10

Celestron Nexstar 5SE is a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (the one with both lens and mirrors) with an aperture of 5 inches, results in more light gathering power inside the tube and results in a better image quality. After receiving the delivery box, you just have to assemble the different part and you are ready to go. You don’t need any expert for that just a child’s play you can do it yourself.

Using the telescope is even more easier than assembling it. After entering the Date, Time and GPS location (you can get in your mobile app) you just have to point the telescope to the three brightest stars in the sky, rest is automatically done by StarAlign technology present in the telescope. This technology creates the 3d model of the sky and points out the details of star you are pointing at so simple. The database of nearly 40000 objects in the sky will ease the process even more.

Nexstar 5SE comes with the 25mm Plossl eyepiece which gives the magnification of 50x and does the excellent job. Believe me from my personal experience I can say, after experiencing the Saturn ring or Jupiter through this eyepiece for the first time you are gonna fall in love with Astronomy. You will not know when your hobby will become your passion.”

How is optical tube?

Optical Tube is Starbright XLT fully multicoated means it uses the alloy of multilayer aluminum mirrors enhanced with titanium dioxide to increase the reflectivity and an alloy of magnesium fluoride and hafnium dioxide coatings on both sides of corrector lens of anti-reflection. Resulted image quality is much better than standard coating comes in some other telescope in same price range.

Telescope has a Red-dot Starpointer finderscope. Just point the scope to the star like a laser and database present inside the computer will do the rest of work.

Can we connect this to a Computers?

Yes, we can easily do that with the help of supplied RS232 cable or USB cable. If you device is manufacture before April 2016 it must have a RS232 port on the bottom of hand controller and if it is manufactured after April 2016 it should have a mini-USB port there. We just have to connect both device properly with the right cable. One of the Biggest pros of this telescope is having a computerized Altazimuth mount with motors which helps in moving the telescope in up/down and right/left direction with just a click of the  remote. Tripod has a built-in wedge too which converts it into equatorial position also by aligning into earths polar axis.

Due to its erect image lens technology, it is both good for celestial viewing as well as equatorial viewing such as bird watching, enjoying the view nature, mountains etc.

With the help of DSLR and a Laptop, you can take the time exposure video remotely. Just imagine viewing the beautiful time exposure video of solar or lunar eclipse with your family, Amazing!!!!!


Cons(not many)

The telescope comes with 8AA batteries which I will not recommend you to use because it gets drained very fast and might ruin your space exploration adventure night with your family. A rechargeable battery tank will be a good option more on that in recommended accessories section.

Being a Cassegrain telescope it needs to be collimated once in a while(believe me in a very rare case) but don’t worry it will not take more than 2 minutes you just have to align the secondary mirror only. Having problem? Don’t worry lots of Tutorials and YouTube videos are present online.



Overall a very good telescope for Beginners for its Sky Align technology. And perfect even to the intermediate users who knows the basic of using telescope but don’t want to waste time to set up the telescope every time they go for outing, It is just like that type of telescope which you can use by just taking out from the box. Excellent telescope under the price range of 600$.


 Recommended Accessories


  • As I have already told you it comes with an 8AA battery which will get drained within just 2-3 hours so a power tank is a must buy.

Celestron Power Tank (price 58$ approx).


  • The 25mm eyepiece with Celestron NexStar 5 SE is doing the very good job but the device has a highest useful magnification of 250x. In future, if your budget allows and you want to go to the next level you can buy (listen to the word  in “future”) an eyepiece suggested below,

Celestron 93230 8 to 24mm 1.25 Zoom Eyepiece (price 61$ approx).



 Where to buy?


Presently NexStar 5SE  is priced at 599$ on Amazon which is lowest from any other site and also being an Amazon affiliate member myself I will recommend you to buy it through Amazon. We are both getting a good deal here, you are getting a high quality product at the amazing and also you can read some more product reviews from other trusted/ verified users. In addition you are also getting Amazon’s great customer service and with that from your purchase we get some commission which will really help us to run and update the site with latest information regularly.


 (Buy now on Amazon)



Any queries? Please do leave a comment below, I will be more than happy to answer 🙂



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Any recommendations on a good book to go with this telescope? Both being bought as a gift for a novice. Thanks

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