11 Best Binoculars for the Money 2021 – Review and Buyer’s Guide

The 10 Best Binoculars for the Money

With so many options available today at a different price range it gets really confusing for an average user which binocular to buy and which one not to. Mainly different types of binoculars are made for a specific purpose like some are great for bird watching, some are perfect for hunting, some are optimized for stargazing and etc. But … Read more

NexStar 127SLT GoTo Telescope Review

NexStar 127SLT GoTo Telescope

The Nexstar 127SLT telescope from Celestron is a perfect telescope for beginners and intermediate users to ease them into the world of astronomy. Characterized by simple design, no tool setup and Celestron’s propriety Sky align technology this telescope gives users a great planetary and lunar view without any inconvenience. Specification NexStar 127SLT is a Maksutov-Cassegrain … Read more

Celestron NexStar 8 SE of-2020 Review

Celestron NexStar

NexStar series from Celestron is a Schmidt-Cassegrain designed catadioptric telescope. Catadioptric telescope uses both lens and mirror to form the image and provides a long focal length in a relatively compact body which is perfect for astrophotography. There are four different models in Nexstar series 4SE, 5SE, 6SE, 8SE. The main difference between these is … Read more

The Best Marine Binoculars 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Marine Binoculars

Different types of binoculars are made for different activities. Some are made for bird watching, some are perfect for hunting, and some are for astronomy. Here we will discuss The Best Marine Binoculars available today and what are the features to look forward before buying a marine binocular. First, Read an article given below, It will help … Read more

8 Best Telescope for Kids in 2020 – Reviews

Best Telescope for Kids

Some kids are really fascinated with the sky. They always ask questions like, Dad how many stars are there in the sky? Or where does the sun goes at night time? Or Why we are not able to see the moon at daytime? and many more questions like that. This curiosity indicates that they like … Read more