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(Last Updated On: January 12, 2019)

Top Tripods for Spotting Scope

If you are thinking of buying a spotting scope then you should also be thinking about the type of tripod that comes along with your preferred brand. The benefits of a sturdy and strong tripod cannot be overemphasized. Typically, spotting scopes are used in the wild and uneven grounds; the only way you can achieve long and clear shots and maintain your security is with a proper tripod. To be honest, tripods add weight on your shipping box. You won’t want to carry extra luggage to your adventure or work if it is not worth the effort.

While every manufacturer with a spotting scope in the market offers tripod as an additional component, most of the tripods are of low quality. You are likely to be disappointed on your first shot in the wild with a shaky tripod. Of course, you do not know what materials are best in making tripods and you it is almost impossible for you to identify a quality tripod from a vague one. However, there are distinct aspects of every tripod that classify them either as quality or sub-standard.

It is also important to know the different types of a tripod to make an informed choice.

Quick Comparison: Best Tripods for Spotting Scope

Celestron TrailSeeker TripodAluminum$75 (Check)
Bushnell Black Tripod 63″Titanium$162 (Check)
Vortex Optics Summit SS-P TripodAluminum$129 (Check)
Manfrotto MKBFRC4-BH Befree TripodCarbon Fibre$299 (Check)
ZoMei Z818 Light Weight Heavy Duty Portable Travel TripodMagnesium & Aluminum$105 (Check)
Neewer 63″/160cm Tripod MonopodCarbon Fibre$130 (Check)
BEst spotting scope tripodVanguard Alta Pro 264AB 100 TripodAluminum $205 (Check)

** Price daily changes on Amazon, Check current price.

Types of tripod

a) Travel

The focus of manufacturers in producing these products is portability. More often than not portability takes the place of quality. Most of travel tripods are made of light plastic that won’t bother you when traveling. Also, travel tripods are small and easily fits in travel bags. These tripod stands are convenient, no doubt. The only issue comes with quality of these tripods. Standard tripods for quality purposes are made of carbon material that attributes to their sturdy nature and durability. This is far from production of travel tripods.

b) Studio

Studio tripods are sturdy, strong, and heavy. Actually, these are the best in terms of quality and durability. Its performance is also exemplary. If you are planning to set up a professional business in photography and in this case spotting scope, be sure to get a tripod in this category. Studio categories are not the best to travel with. They can be simply described as cumbersome. Apart from their weight, they are not easily foldable because of their size. Honestly, a studio tripod won’t fit in your travel bag irrespective of your bag size.

c) Monopods

Most of tripods in the market are of this category. They are single-legged and can be used both in studio and on the outside. They are faithful in holding the camera and reducing occurrence of shakes; however, you might want to be careful and move far away from the camera especially when you are shooting out in the field. Monopods are light and unsteady; any shake from the wind or simple distraction risks fall of your camera. While reduces shakes, it has higher risks. Monopods are relatively cheap because of the limited resources put in construction of the stands.

d) Pocket

Pocket tripods are mainly for portability and convenience of a photographer. These tripods are normally placed on top of a table or counter; their length ranges from 4 to 8 inches. They are light and easily foldable hence the name pocket tripods. You can travel with them literally anywhere; they are neither bulky nor heavy. Whether you want to fold it and fit it in your bag or you can carry it with its own package. The convenience and flexibility of these tripods are incomparable. Besides, their foldable size and lightweight because they are mainly made of plastic, pocket tripods are amazingly cheap. However, I won’t advise you to buy such a tripod if you want a suitable tripod for a spotting scope.

The Parts

You can break down almost any tripod into its basic components. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of tripod. They also come in different materials depending on the brand. We know that the main purpose of a tripod is to create stability. All these parts, therefore, contribute their roles towards stability regardless of their size and shape. The main parts are the head, chassis, and legs. But they are also further divided into smaller parts. Let us explore the components beginning from the head at the top.

a) The Head

The head lets you attach the camera to the tripod. This is the primary purpose of all types of tripod heads. They also allow you to reposition your camera as you seek the appropriate frame for your image. There are many options in terms of movements involved with the head.

  1. 3-Way Pan and Tilt

The 3-way pan and tilt is the most common and basic type of tripod head. It is easy to identify by its three control arms that extend from the rest of the body. These arms help you adjust the head an axis at a time. They allow you to make vertical, horizontal, and pan motions. To make the movement, simply loosen the intended arm and twist it gently. After you obtain your desired frame, tighten the arm back.

These three-way heads are precise. The problem is they are bulky due to the three arms extending out. If you limited space, they become cumbersome to carry.

  1. The Ball Head

The ball head is among the latest advancements to tripod heads. Like the rest of the parts, it works by loosening and tightening back to achieve the desired position. It has a ball within the enclosed housing that makes it easy to swivels to over 200 degrees about.

  1. Pistol Grip Heads

The Pistol grip head is a variation of the ball head. Instead of a knob to tighten or loosen, there is a spring-loaded squeeze grip. Needless to say, the handle resembles a pistol. You need to squeeze the handle to reposition the head and release it to keep it tight.

b) The Chassis

Also called the spider, the chassis is the apex of the tripod that connects the legs. This means it is the main frame of the tripod because it is the center of other connections.  It is often made of strong material for maximum resilience and stability. There are also types of chassis that we will explore.

  1. The Multi-Leg Locks

Multi-leg locks are the most common chassis. They let the user adjust the distance of spread in the legs. You can use it at different heights in areas that are not exactly flat. There are those that let you turn almost to a horizontal position.

  1. The Center Column

The center column either attaches to the chassis or slides through it. It helps to extend the tripod’s overall height. Most of the center columns are reversible to let you pull down lower than the normal height permitted by the chassis and leg alone. Others have a geared system for finest movements.

c) Legs

All tripods have three legs. The differences come in construction of the legs. Most legs can collapse to ease mobility. They are however, all adjustable to allow for height adjustment and most importantly; stability. The more sections they come with, the smaller they can be collapsed. The problem with a bigger number of sections is that stability is compromised.

  1. Leg locks

Legs with multiple sections require locks to prevent accidental retracting especially when loaded. Flip locks and twist locks are the most common type of locks used.

  1. Feet

Each leg has a foot at the tip. Most feets are made of rubber. Others have retractable spikey feet beneath the rubber that behave like paws. There are those with interchangeable feet to let you switch it out depending on the terrain and other needs.

Additional Features to Look for in a Good Tripod

The overall goal of ay tripod is stability hence quality photos and videos. Apart from the basic components mentioned in the previous section, there are additional features and enhancements that should not miss on your tripod if you want to be professional with a spotting scope. Before purchasing a tripod, consider the following functions that can only be related to special parts.

Wide adjustment

Am assuming that you will consider the flexibility of a tripod’s length before making a choice. It is likely that you will make this choice based on your height. While this is a good basis of judging suitability of tripod, the photography field is unpredictable. Creativity is key in this industry. You do not want to lift your tripod to make a special shot or capture a far-off distance at unimaginable heights. Be sure to check on length adjustments of the center column and twist leg locks before buying. Their standard adjustment is 4-8 inches, but you will enjoy flexibility if there is more adjustment.

Type of legs

The length and grip of legs on your tripod is not enough. The material of the legs is crucial professional shooting. If you are looking for a spotting scope then you must be prepared for the hassle of traveling and setting up your equipment on uneven surface out in the grasslands. Aluminum is the most common material on legs because of their shiny surface and lightweight. However, this should not be your concern unless your tripod is for entertainment. Professional photography demands quality; you would rather go for carbon fiber that is heavy but sturdy. Don’t compromise on quality because of traveling convenience and a few bucks.

Pistol head

The head of your tripod has lot to do with quality of your production. When choosing a good tripod for a spotting scope, be sure to check on the type of head offered by the manufacturer. Do not be in a hurry when visiting a store with this equipment; take time and check on where you will set the camera and how it suits your quality needs. Pistol head is the best for spotting scopes because it offers incredible grip and accuracy when aiming the scope. Accuracy and speed is crucial in spotting scopes.


Best Spotting Scope Tripods


1) Celestron TrailSeeker Tripod

Among all the good quality spotting scope tripods mentioned here, Celestron TrailSeeker Tripod is regarded as the cheapest but one of the best models out there.

Before you proceed to purchase Celestron 82050 TrailSeeker Tripod, here is a good review on this product described below.

BEst spotting scope tripod


All the attractive features, attributes and qualities of this tripod make it best in the business.

  • This tripod is there to provide perfect support for the spotting scope, camera, and binocular as well as small telescope. Hence, it is supposed to work with various gadgets and tools for your convenience.
  • This effective tripod is known to be made of aluminum making it quite sturdy and compact. It is there to adjust in the height from about 18.9 inches to around 70.5 inches. Moreover, it is to include an effective two-way fluid pan head along with the fast release plate.


  • On the other hand, tripod comes with efficient four-section legs that are likely to be set to 3 separate angles and utilize fast and efficient flip lever locks for the length adjustment. This specific feature makes this device quite desirable and sought-after product among its users for the definite reasons.
  • Apart from this, the effective center column of this tripod is supposed to be properly extended if additional heights are required. On the other hand, there is a retractable hook that effectively allows you to add weight in case additional stability is needed in this device. You are less likely to get this particular feature in other similar tripods.
  • Celestron 82050 TrailSeeker Tripod basically comes with a protective tripod case as well as shoulder strap for your convenience.


Cons: None found.


You have every reason to purchase this product in order to all its above-described benefits. If you want to buy it online, then you are required to pay $75.42 instead of originally set price of $99.95. It means you get an exciting 25% discount on the purchase of this product.

Take a look at more features and the best price on Amazon!!!


2) Bushnell Black Titanium Tripod 63″

(Our Favourite)

Out of plenty different models of tripods available in the market. Bushnell has provided one such model that caters to your needs and requirements properly.

FeaturesBest tripod for spotting scope

  • The maximum height that you are supposed to avail using this spotting scope tripod is 63 inch which is quite a lot.
  • This tripod is made of strong titanium metal ensuring the durability.
  • It is basically available in black color which is the most sought-after color when it is about gadgets and tools.


  • There are various features that make this tool unique and distinct. Bushnell 784040 black Titanium Tripod 63″ comes with the universal head for the cameras, range finders, binoculars as well as spotting scopes. You are supposed to utilize this tool with any of the above-described devices according to your requirements.
  • On the other hand, you are supposed to get the benefit of 3 position leg angle adjustment.
  • Moreover, this tool also comes with the 3-way pan head. Apart from this, it also has tilt handles as well as two pans.
  • There is a gear-less center column which is reversible in nature.


  • This product is supposed to be available on only a few selected websites like Amazon.


If you want to buy this product, then you can effectively buy it online. You can compare this product with other similar product as per their features and attributes and then buy it. Buying this tripod will surely be beneficial for you in many ways.

Whether you use binoculars, camera or any such similar device, you might have to need a tripod in the process in order to increase its efficiency. Bushnell 784040 black Titanium Tripod 63″ is really supposed to be the best tripod model for you. You can look for the better tripod model at a similar price but you are very less likely to get that.


Take a look at more features and the best price on Amazon!!!


3) Vortex Optics Summit SS-P Tripod


  • Vortex Optics Summit SS-P Tripod is likely to provide you an effective combination of weight, size, fast operation and rugged built etc. You are not supposed to find any other similar tripod in the market that will be as effective as this one.
  • On the other hand, this unique tripod is there to offer you with the benefit of smooth vertical and horizontal adjustments. Its 3 leg angles provide you with the flexible positioning as well as reduction of the tripod height for the better stability. Moreover, the twist leg locks are generally valued for the rapid adjustment of the leg’s height and the reduced bulk.


  • The split center column is there to allow the removal of lower portion of centre column. After combining it with the widespread leg angles, the height of the tripod is to be effectively reduced to a minimum height along with the minimum packing length.
  • Moreover, there is a balance hook in Vortex Optics Summit SS-P Tripod that is to hold the extra weight on bottom of center column in order to attain better stability in the windy conditions. This tripod comes with the anodized aluminum legs providing sturdy support and its rubber feet offer solid and effective footing on the slick surfaces making it one of the best tripod.
  • There are some additional tool parts that come in the box of Vortex Optics Summit SS-P Tripod such as quick release plate, 3-way pan head etc.


  • Being made of aluminum, this tripod model is not as durable as the other tripods that are made of titanium.


As per the above-described features and attributes, this tripod is surely going to be beneficial and advantageous in lot many ways. You can check the customers’ feedbacks and reviews most of which are positive. Only after checking its reviews, you are supposed to purchase this product.


Take a look at more reviews and the best price on Amazon!!!


4) Manfrotto MKBFRC4-BH Befree Carbon Fiber Tripod

 Next on the list is Manfrotto MKBFRC4-BH Befree Carbon Fibre Tripod is supposed to be a great choice for you. The amazing features and applications of this tripod make it one of a kind out there.


There are various exciting features and applications Manfrotto MKBFRC4-BH Befree Carbon Fibre Tripod come with. Hence go for this model and avail all its benefits and advantages. All these features make this tripod.

  • First of all, if you are looking for some compact design then you are definitely supposed to go for this amazing tripod. It is there to come with a very compact and unique design making this tool the best spotting scope tripod.
  • This tripod is basically made of carbon fiber ensuring its durability to a whole new level. Hence, if your priority is durability then you should definitely purchase this model.
  • The carbon fiber material makes this product quite rigid as well as light weighted. Hence, it becomes easier for you to carry.


  • People who love to travel and go on hiking need tripods for the obvious reason. In case you are also looking for the high-quality tripod for the same, then Manfrotto MKBFRC4-BH Befree Carbon Fiber is the best option you could find around.
  • Apart from this, there is the ball-head feature that makes it quite unique and distinct.
  • Moreover, this Manfrotto MKBFRC4-BH Befree Carbon Fiber comes with a very fast release system. This way this tool is there to save your time in a significant manner.


  • The price of this tripod is known to be a little higher than the other similar models (thanks to its carbon fiber body). Its price is set at $265.99 which is available on various sites.


If the price is not a problem for you then  Manfrotto MKBFRC4-BH Befree Carbon Fiber Tripod is the best we can recommend to you. This is definitely going to last or lifetime. You will not get a better model at the similar price range.


Take a look at more reviews and the best price on Amazon!!!


5) ZoMei Z818 Light Weight Heavy Duty Portable Magnesium Aluminium Travel Tripod

 best tripodFeatures

There are some notable features for which you are really supposed to buy this best spotting scope tripod.

  • Compact: This tripod is easily likely to be inverted as well as folded back completely 180 degrees making it quite compact. Moreover, being the size of 18’’, this tool is there to save a lot of space for you while carrying it.
  • Stable: There is a column hook which is generally located in bottom of center-column. This feature is there to effectively allow you hang the extra weight from tripod’s center of gravity in order to attain enhanced stability.
  • Head & Pan Lock: There are a separate head and pan lock which is likely to help you in making the proper adjustment. Moreover, lock knob and separate head tension are also there.


  • Mult-Functional: ZoMei Z818 is known to be quite multi-functional and for all the good reasons. This amazing tripod can be perfectly converted into the full sized monopod by properly screwing tripod leg and removable center column together.
  • Easy Set Up: You can screw the fast release mountain plate in your camera and with a mere push of button you can effectively remove the camera from tripod. Moreover, its 3-leg angle positions offer great flexibility and it also enables shooting in the cramped quarters or on the irregular surface areas. Apart from that, its rotating leg lock is there to control 4 different leg sections that easily glide in and out. This tool also likely to provide with a height range of 18’’ to 65’’.
  • Light Weight: Anti-corrosion and anodic oxidation processed aluminum and magnesium alloy tube of this tripod make it ideal for the outdoor and indoor photography. Hence, you are allowed to carry this tool anywhere and everywhere you want be it family gathering, sport events etc.
  • Cheap: This tripod is retailing for around $110 on Amazon which is quite affordable to the average users.


Take a look at more reviews and the best price on Amazon!!!


6) Neewer Carbon Fiber 63″/160cm Tripod Monopod


  • First of all, this tripod is known to be very light weight making it portable. Hence you are supposed to carry this tool wherever and whenever you someplace be it hiking, traveling
  • This .tripod is made of carbon fiber making it quite durable, rigid as well as light weighted. Hence, you are easily supposed to carry this tripod wherever you go. You can just put it in your bag after folding it properly reducing its size.
  • Moreover, this tripod comes with the 360-degree ball head which will be beneficial for you in many ways.
  • Neewer Carbon Fiber 63″/160cm Tripod Monopod is known to be such a 2-in-1 tripod which can also be converted into a monopod as well as alpenstock.


  • This tripod is likely to extend up to 160 cm (63’’) tall. And it effectively folds to 45 cm (17.7’’).
  • The center column is basically designed with the hook attached to the sandbag, thus increasing its stability. On the other hand, its non-slip feat is supposed to keep this tripod quite steady. Its maximum load weight is to be around 15kg (33lbs) in case of the optimal performance.
  • The feature of 360-degree dial of the swivel ball head along with the bubble level is there to offer you an amazing panoramic view. Moreover, its 3-position leg angle adjustment feature is to offer you with the flexibility shooting opportunity.
  • This is the cheapest tripod to be made of Carbon fiber


Take a look at more reviews and the best price on Amazon!!!


7) Vanguard Alta Pro 264AB 100 Aluminum Tripod Kit


Vanguard Alta Pro 264AB 100 Aluminium Tripod Kit is considered to be an amazing tool as far as its features and attributes are concerned.

This tripod comes with 4 section aluminum made legs that are 26 mm in height. These legs are likely to be adjusted to 25, 50 as well as 80-degree angles for enabling very low angle photography.

  • On the other hand, Vanguard Alta Pro 264AB 100 Aluminium Tripod Kit comes with an excellent fluid-like ball head that effectively rotates around 360 degrees. Moreover, it also includes a relatively fast release plate along with the bubble levels.
  • There is a hexagon shaped central column that generally moves from 0 to up to 10 degrees.
  • Apart from that. The feature of instant swivel Stop-n-Lock is there to safely reposition central column in just a simple and easy movement.


  • Anti-shock ring, as well as magnesium die-cast canopy, also come with the tripod. Therefore, you have all the good reasons in the world to go for this tripod and use it for your convenience. You can look for a better tripod than this but you are less likely to get that.
  • The amazing stability, as well as loading capacity of this tripod, makes this tool a sought-after product.
  • On the other hand, the folded height of this best tripod is likely to be around 24.75’’. Moreover, its extended height is supposed to be 64’’. And its weight is 5.5 pounds.


  • The price of this product is regarded as pretty higher than the other models mentioned here.


As per the features and attributes this tripod offers, you are supposed to get this product at the decent and affordable price. The price of this tripod is set at $ 203.99. You are never supposed to avail a better product within this price range. And this is what makes it the best spotting scope tripod. Go for it and avail all the advantages out there.

Take a look at more reviews and the best price on Amazon!!!


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