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Best Books for Learning Astronomy

Friends, I am a little bit old school, I love to read printed books because Print books have nice and soft pages to touch. Paper makes reading physically loveable. on the other hand, Reading an e-book, feels like artificial. And after staring at a computer screen at work all day, it is very painful for our eyes to curl up at home and stare at another screen.

Also reading books have so many advantages on our health like it is a good stress buster, it also helps you to concentrate and to focus, etc (it’s just my opinion ). I am not here to demotivate you regarding ebooks, if you like it you can definitely use that too.

So let’s come to the point on this website you will get every detail about telescopes possible but if you are also like me and loves to read printed books then I want to suggest the best books for learning astronomy don’t worry eBooks are also present for most of them.

I have made the list of all books in different categories to make it easier for you to decide. In the end, a friend request if you decide to buy any of the books please buy it through my Amazon affiliate links. In that way, I will get some commission which will be really helpful for me and our team to run the website properly and update you on every new information available.


Best Books for Astronomy Beginners


a) Build your own Telescope.

If you are new to the field of astronomy then I will suggest you buy this book. Before buying your first telescope you can make your own telescope at home. There is a step by step instruction present with photographs to build 5 types of a different telescope at home (4 of them are a reflector and one is refractor).

Author- Richard Berry

Price- 29.95 $ (approx)

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b) Star Ware: The amateur astronomer’s guide to choosing, buying and using telescopes and accessories.

I have both 1st editions which was released in 1994 for me and 4th edition(2007) for my nephew and I can say this book has helped me a lot to help me buying my first telescope. It has a beautiful product comparison page, every detail about different aspects of telescope and binoculars like aperture, focal length, lens etc. I will recommend this book to everyone who is interested in buying his first telescope or binoculars.

Author-Philips S.Harringtontelescopefever

Price-21.93$ (approx)

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c) Astronomy 101: From the Sun and Moon to Wormholes and Warp Drive, Key Theories, Discoveries, and Facts about the Universe.

For beginners, it is a good textbook to learn in brief about stars, planets, galaxies, space, big bang, milky ways with hundreds of astronomy photographs and charts.

Author- Carolyn Petersen

Price- 12.23 $ (approx)

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d) The Planets        –(One of a kind Book)

A unique and Beautiful book with 3-d pictures and the systematic presentation of planets and other important members of our solar system. there is a chapter for each different planets with details of structure, atmosphere, interior, composition, space mission, terrain models, geographical features. It also contains details about asteroids, moons of different planets, Kuiper belt any much more.

Author-Robert Dinwiddie, Heather Couper, John Farndon, Nigel Henbest,

              David Huges, Giles Sparrow, Carole Stott, Colin Stuart.

Price- 18.59 $ (approx)

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e) Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide

A very nice book in a workbook format. After each topic, there is a summary in the format of question and answers.it is also updated with the latest discoveries in the field of astronomy with latest graphics and photos.

Author- Dinah l moche

Price- 14.34 $ (approx)

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f) NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe   – (My no. 1 recommendation)

The all-time bestseller, Book has a fantastic introduction into astronomy in a very easy writing style. It has all the basic information about the telescope, different types of binoculars, nebula, different constellation, etc which will really helpful in backyard astronomy. Spiral bound edition makes it portable enough to take into the field. It has easy to understand star maps which will be really helpful to understand the different aspect of the sky and viewing its treasure.

Author-Terence Dickinson

Price-26.99$ (approx)

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g) Astronomy: A beginner’s guide to the universe(8th edition)

A very good book for summer astronomy class for beginners with great diagrams and examples to explain the concepts. It has very helpful review section at the end of each chapter. I will recommend the 8th edition as it has all the latest information available in the field of astronomy, but you can also buy 7th edition if your budget is tight.

Author- Eric Chaisson, Steve McMillantelescope fever

Price- 125$(approx)
70$ (approx for 7th edition)

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h) Astronomy: Astronomy for Beginners: The magical science of stars, galaxies, planets, black holes, wormholes and much, much more!

This book is like a mini encyclopedia with pictures. It contains a brief history of astronomy, information about black holes, solar system, NASA different space mission and much more. It is truly an educational book. One minus point is that it is a little bit expensive for the book of 56 pages only.

Author – Miles Clarke

Price- 17.99$ approx

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i) There is no place like space: All about our solar system

I will highly recommend this book to parents of small kids aged 2 to 6 years. It is a good book for bedtime reading contains rhymes which are so cute and simple kids will love it.the book follows the dr.seuss style of humor, fun words, phrases, creative image and end who doesn’t love dr.seuss?

Author- Tish Rabe

Price- 4.34$ (approx)

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j) Space Encyclopedia: A Tour of our solar system and beyond

As the name suggest the book is really an encyclopedia of the astronomical discoveries which will be a very good library collection for us. Some highlights are, it contains an article about the timeline of the age of the universe, about 13 planets solar system, contains great vocabulary, some stargazing tips for beginners and much more.

Author-David A. Aguilartelescopefever

Price-18.78$ approx

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k) Stargazing for Dummies

As the name suggest this book is excellent for amateur astronomers. Book discusses the different methods of stargazing with the help of telescope and also with the naked eye. It talks about how to find different constellation, how to determine a good spot for stargazing and also helps to distinguish between planets and stars, and much more.

Author-Steve Owens

Price-12.86$ approx

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l) 50 things to see with a small Telescope

Simple and basic book perfect for those who have no prior knowledge of astronomy and bought his first telescope. The book is in black n white print with great photos and drawings.

Author-John A Read

Price-9.95$ (approx)

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m) Binocular Highlights: 99 celestial sign for Binocular Users

Mainly this website is about telescope but don’t worry if you are more into binoculars then I will suggest this book to you. Book has a nice guide to help you choose a nice pair of astronomical binoculars. It has highly accurate and magnified star chart wich will be really helpful for observing 99 celestial sign as mentioned in the book. You can even use this book as a reference while using a telescope.

Author- Gary Seronik

Price- 16.60$ (approx)

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n) Robotic exploration of the universe: part 1,part2,part3,part4

I will not suggest this book to beginners, the book is mainly for more advanced users who love astronomy and very much curious like me about finding out past present and future of astronautics and spaceflight. The book is a 4 part series divided between different years. It talks in details about different missions sent by space agencies to space.

Author-Paolo Ulivi, David M Harland

Price- 13$ (part I) , 30.89$ (part II) ,36.81$ (part III) ,35.67$ (part IV)(approx)

Buy now-Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 ,Part 4



o) Hubble’s Universe: Greatest discoveries and latest images     ( one word  for it, WOW! )

The book is mainly about Hubble’s achievement and scientific discoveries which is orbiting Earth since 1990. The book contains more than 300 breathtaking, astonishing images of galaxies, nebula, deep space. In simple words, I can say it is the most beautiful book for all, whether you are an expert in the field of astronomy or a child just showing interest in the sky.

Author-Terence Dickinson

Price-17.81$ (approx)

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p) Earth and Space: Photographs from the Archives of NASA

As the name suggest, the book contains the breathtaking collection of images of earth,  different planets of solar system, etc from the NASA picture gallery. The pictures are absolutely beautiful, each has a tiny paragraph at the end explaining what the picture is for. The pictures of Earth are especially stunning. If you have any interest in space whatsoever, you’ll love this.

Author- Nirmala Nataraj, Bill Nye

Price- 17.85 $ (approx)

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q) Photography: Night Sky: A Field guide for shooting after dark.

A very good guide for everyone to help them capture the sky at night with the help of your DSLR. The book contains very good tips and techniques to help us be more creative with our night sky photography. I don’t have this book as of now but I got the recommendation from one of my friends and I am surely gonna try it now(update April 2017-I bought this one and found out my friend was right, a must buy for everyone).

Author-Jennifer Wu, James Martin

Price-18.75$ (approx)

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r) The 100 best Astrophotography Targets: A Monthly Guide to CCD imaging with an amateur telescope.

If you are really into astrophotography then this book is a must-buy for you. It tells you the basic of taking pictures, discuss image processing, also talks about different filters and main plus point is 100 target objects are listed in order of day/month they will be in the sky, which will be really helpful to get us ready at the right time.

Author-Ruben Kier

Price-25.04$ (approx)

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This concludes our list of “Best Books for learning Astronomy” list. All the books mentioned above are unique and highly rated by readers. You can check the ratings yourself on Amazon. Apart from the books mentioned above, there are dozens of other excellent books related to astronomy. The reason we did not include them in this list is because of their high-level language. Our aim was to only include those books that have a simple language, beautiful images and is easy to understand for any beginners.






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