BARSKA Benchmark 25-125×88 Spotting Scope Review

9 / 100

Today we are going to review one of the affordable spotting scopes that is perfect for beginners Barska 25-125×88 WP Benchmark Straight Spotting Scope. The scope is designed to give a high level of spotting pleasure to bird watchers, shooters and all another type of nature explorer. Let’s get started,


As the name suggests Barska 25-125×88 features an 88mm objective lens with fully coated optics where a single layer of coating is done on air to glass surface. Coating helps to improve light transmission inside the tube which eventually results in better image quality. In fact, the users report that scope delivers clean, clear image and a good view out to 600 yds. If you do target shooting, the scope will not disappoint you on that front also. Users report that up to 200 yards they were able to see .223/5.56/7.62/7mm caliber holes in splatter targets.

Zoom eyepiece

With decent quality optics, Barska 25-125×88 also features a variable zoom eyepiece which can give magnification from 25x to 125x. At 25x- 80x quality of the image is great with a wide field of view but after that magnification quality is not up to the mark. User reports lot of color distortion in the image after that magnification. After all, What more can we expect from a 120$ scope!!!

How to Focus?

Barska has introduced innovative Dynamic focusing system with this scope. To focus on object user need to turn the objective eyepiece. First time observers find the process of focusing through turning the objective lens quite unique and easy but seasoned user who is already familiar with focusing knob used to focus in other scopes, quite inconvenient and awkward to use. In our opinion, it depends upon user perspective what they like.

Design & Accessories

O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged construction provides a full water proof and fog proof protection while rubber armored grip gives some additional protection from external damages. Lifetime warranty from Barska is another icing on the cake, it gives the user extra confidence that they are buying a solid scope. For added protection Barska has included a soft carrying case and also the hard case in the package. A tripod and hand held accu-grip tripod are also included with BARSKA Benchmark 25-125×88 Spotting Scope for better stability to the scope.


  1. Good Optics
  2. Solid Metal Tripod
  3. A lot of free additional accessories in the package. In fact, these accessories alone cost more than 40$ when purchased separately.
  4. The scope can also be used for celestial viewing such as observing the moon.


  1. Shorter Eye Relief– Eye relief is a distance between eye piece to the eye. BARSKA 25-125×88 scope has a variable eye relief, 13mm at 25x magnification and 7.6mm at 125x magnification. Eye relief is very short, that is the reason why scope is not recommended for an eyeglass wearer.

Final Verdict

This concludes our “BARSKA Benchmark 25-125×88 Spotting Scope” review. Overall a great value for money scope that is designed to provide an extreme and comprehensive level of spotting pleasure to all type of nature explorer.

Word to the Readers

I want to request my readers to wait for one or two months if you are low on cash but never go for cheap, low-quality spotting scope that costs less than 50$. They might be cheap but the optics quality is also highly compromised (you get what you pay for, right?). They can ruin all the fun and can dramatically decrease your new found interest towards bird watching or hunting or other nature loving activities in no time. That is the reason why we never review or recommend any cheap spotting scope priced below 50$ here on.

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