Welcome to the “About Us” page of the site, I know this is the “done” thing on most websites so I figured I’d better put one together myself to give you a little more insight into what is the aim of this site and why we created this website in first place.

Telescopefever.com is a site dedicated to astronomy and nature enthusiast young and old. Here we do our best to try out various device such as telescope, binoculars, spotting scope and try to give a complete and honest review of that product. Our belief is no product in this world is perfect, believe me a company who claim they made a perfect product is lying. That is the reason why we give our readers all the info they need on a device such as Pros, Cons, Technical Specification, Recommended accessories that you need to purchase and every other minute detail which can be important to our readers before making a buying decision.

We also provide a basic how to guide for each device we review where we teach them how the device works, what are the things user should consider before purchasing the device, what is the history of the device and etc. Our website is intended to be a place where both beginners and mid-level to expert hobbyist astronomers and nature enthusiast can find everything they need.