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We all buy a telescope to observe stars, the moon, galaxies at night but we ignore the fact that there is another star which is present above our head even in a daytime. Yes, our Sun which is also a star and so powerful that other stars and the moon get disappear in its light. Solar Telescope is the best bet to observe the sun. But sometimes to observe the sun we use a basic telescope with sun filter which is specialized for night viewing. We get satisfied by getting a decent view of the sun by that just because specially designed Solar Telescope are quite expensive(above 1000$). But don’t forget with Solar Telescope we will get every minute details like a Solar Flare, Sunspots eruption events happening on the sun and much more which is impossible to get even with a high end non-Solar telescope.

Meade has solved this problem by introducing Coronado Solar Personal Telescope in the market (also known as Coronado P.S.T.) under 700$. A specially designed solar telescope by Coronado with the optics made by Meade. Last year I bought one, and frankly speaking I did not get disappointed.

Here is my Review of Coronado Solar Telescope:-


Specification and  Review


Aperture: 40mm  Focal Length: 400mm

Eyepiece: 20mm

Warranty: 5years

Price: 699$ approx.

My rating: 9/10

PST from Coronado came in a very securely packaged case. After taking out from the box just mount on some solid sturdy mount and you are ready to go. Remember the mount is not included with this (more on that in recommended accessories section).

This Coronado solar telescope has an aperture of 40mm and highest useful magnification of (40mm X 2) 80X. This Telescope came with 20mm Plossl eyepiece which gives the magnification of 20X (focal length/eyepiece). Eyepiece provided are of good quality the only problem is a power of magnification which is low. 20mm Plossl eyepiece gives the great view of sun red disk and some of the prominence but to use this telescope at a full potential buy 5mm Celestron or Orion Eyepiece (more on that in recommended accessories section).

Hydrogen-alpha (H-alpha) solar filter provided with this telescope remove any risk of damage to our eye during observation. This Filter also dismisses any chance of damaging the optics of Telescope from the excessive heat rays from Sun.

Coronado solar telescope comes with a unique feature.  A very cool sun finder device is built into the base also known as a Sol Ranger. Near the



eyepiece small semi-opaque window is present. When the telescope is properly aligned with the sun. Internal mirror project a circular spot on the semi-opaque window. This feature really helps to properly align the telescope just rotate the focuser until the circular spot is in the center of that window.


### Observing Tip– Drop a towel over your head and cover the eyepiece. You will be amazed to notice how is it easier for you eyes to adjust the H-alpha filter of the telescope and how much easier you can view the images through this telescope ###



Sun’s surface is incredibly dynamic and always changing in a matter of minutes or even second. And to experience that changes we need a Solar telescope which is highly powerful, very portable and damage proof from the heat of the sun.


Coronado solar telescope with h-alpha filter provides all this feature in a less than 700$ price. Even the price is low from other telescopes in this category but the quality is not compromised.  You are going to get immense surface details of the sun like prominences, sunspots, filament, flare and much more.


 Recommended Accessories

1) As I have already told you, CoronadoS.T. does not come with the mount so a solid stable mount is a must buy. I will recommend you to buy:-


Both are good mount only difference is maximum height. The first one has a maximum height on 54” and the second one is 14”. Decide according to your preference if are going to travel with Coronado solar telescope then small table top mount is a good choice. Just put on the hood of your car or on any table and you are ready to go.


2) Eyepiece provided with this telescope is good but is less powerful. If you already have more powerful eyepiece then try that one if not then buy:-

This 5 mm Eyepiece gives (focal length/ eyepiece= 400/5) 80X magnification which is equal to highest useful magnification of this telescope (aperture X 2 =40X2) 80X.


Where to buy?

We suggest you to buy this telescope from Amazon. We just love the customer first approach of Amazon. User can also read some varified customer review there and find out what they have to say about the device. There is one more thing, we are Amazon affiliate member and if you buy this telescope from out link, we will get some commission from Amazon that can really help for our team in  running this website properly and update our users to all the latest information.

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